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I am glad to report that all the Unions have now signed up to the collective agreement to update the formula for TTO pay.


The same agreement UNISON signed up to yesterday.


The aim is for RBG, GS+ and GSS to pay the increase from 01/04/2018 in November on 22nd and the balance of the back pay/pension compensation in December.


Please don't spend it till you have got it! It's always possible that unforeseen circumstances could slow things up. It is also very complicated so with the best will in the world mistakes may occur. Often School Staff have 3 or more separate contracts and have increased and decreased hours over the years. TTO can mean anything from 38 to 44 weeks a year etc.


We have had very positive discussions with other employers using the same flawed formula and many of them are hoping to get payments out to their staff in December or January. They also have to sign collective agreements and need to authorise expenditure via their trustees. This includes Academies and Children's Centres. Some will be quicker than others and their HR should keep you updated.

One or Two have not yet responded and UNISON are actively trying to engage with them to fall in line with everyone else.


We will of course support members to file more cases with the Employment Tribunal if necessary.


Thanks for reading and welcome to the 45 new members who have joined us this month.


Welcome to UNISON the union that gets things done.


All the best,




Simon Steptoe

Branch Secretary



Just a quick update for members affected by the Term Time Only Pay/backpay issue.


Today (14th November) I met with the Head of HR for RBG and signed the new Collective Agreement between RBG, GS+ and GSS to implement the new, fair Term Time Only formula.


This is the Formula which UNISON put to the Council well over two years ago and which all 3 Unions signed up to back in August. The formula we at UNISON have been fighting for for nearly 6 years and which in support of, we filed nearly 500 cases at the Employment Tribunal.


This will ensure that all 5000 Term Time Only staff employed by RBG, GS+ and GSS get paid fairly and receive some £4m in back pay/compensation for loss of Pension.


Unfortunately the other 2 Unions recognised for the purposes of Collective

Bargaining are yet to sign the Collective Agreement so I am sorry to say that there may not be enough time to implement the part payment which the employer had hoped to put through in November's pay. I hope that they will sigh up on Thursday so that payment can be made.


There is however nothing more that we at UNISON can do until they decide to sign, we have done all we can to make it happen.


I will keep you updated and please speak to your friends and colleagues about joining us in UNISON to add to the 40 new members who we welcome into the Branch so far this Month,


All the Best,




Simon Steptoe

Branch Secretary



Settlement has been agreed with RBG, GS+ & GSS members should get part payment, back to 01/04/2018 this month and the rest (most) of the back payment in December. Members in Academies may have to wait a little longer, though several are aiming to pay before Christmas. RBG and UNISON are also approaching the 4 organisations that took over Children's Centres, GLL, Homestart, Quaggy and Central Greenwich Children's Centres to agree to implement the deal.


The deal is back pay to 01/01/2013 (nearly 6 years) and Pension Compensation for staff who were in the Pension Scheme before 01/03/2014 (and have not recieved a refund). The secheme changed in 2014 and the back pay will go into your pension.


Also the back pay will be calculated on your current rate of pay (for staff on LLW this will be £10.20 as this was the rate when we agreed the deal  with the Council)


We also have a series of Workplace meetings planned in Schools around the Borough. If we are not coming to your School please get in touch with Clara Mason, our Schools convenor on 07818 518934 or clara@greenwichunison.org.uk and we will come to you.


If you can't come to the meetings but have got questions then get in touch with the Branch on 020 8921 5226 or email unison@royalgreenwich.gov.uk many of you have done so already and our team are working flat out to get back to you all. Fortunately we are the only local union with the resources to employ an Administrator and a Case Worker to deliver a great service to you, our members.


Full contact details are on our website here;




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I hope by now you have heard the amazing story of how our member Julie Stedman, a cleaner at a local school, spotted a mistake in the way the Council calculated her pay and then with UNISON support we got a £4m back payment for 5000 mainly low paid staff in the Council and Local Schools. If you didn't, then read about the story here:


Julie's Story


We as workers are stronger together, other Unions are sometimes cheaper to join (though our membership starts from £1.30/month for the lowest paid)


But don't have the resources to pursue claims on this scale. As so often in life you get what you pay for...




If you have left after 01/01/2013 and were a Term Time Only employee with the Royal Borough of Greenwich, GS+ or GSS to get the money you are owed you need to email;




If you were in the Pension Scheme before 01/04/2014 then it may well be worth claiming even if you left shortly after 2013 as this compensation goes back mch further

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