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In the current emergency the way you can get the help you need from Greenwich UNISON is changing. All the team will be working remotely wherever possible and we will be be reducing face to face contact to the absolute minimum.
However all our team are fully equipped to work from home and for the time being please use the contact details at the end of this email. We are also moving offices from Riverside House to the Town Hall next week (if it goes ahead!) but we will not be seeing members at the office unless they have an appointment.
Also some of you may want to change your email preferences to your personal email as accessing work emails may be difficult for some, please email Pauline, to get this sorted.
Also please share this email as not everyone gets them who wants them!
At this difficult time it is more important than ever to be in a union, please make sure your friends and colleagues have someone like us looking out for them. They can join online here:
Simon Steptoe (Monday-Thursday)
Branch Secretary
Tracey Higgins
Assistant Branch Secretary Private Sector and representation for members working for GS+ and GSS
Jay Lowman
Assistant Branch Secretary Royal Borough of Greenwich
Clara Mason
Assistant Branch Secretary Schools and Colleges
Jamie Breen
Birchmere Convenor
Linda Delieu (Monday-Wednesday)
Recruitment and Retention Officer
Contact for members working in the Private Sector, such as Private Care Homes and Voluntary Sector Organisations
Admin, membership and General Enquiries
Pauline Revell-Bowles (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)
Office Administrator and ERA accredited Rep


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020 8921 5226

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