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Good things come in 3's!


Following on from the brilliant news of £4m back pay for 5000 Term Time Only workers won by UNISON filing nearly 500 Employment Tribunal Cases and GS+/GSS staff getting the London Living Wage increase in November, at the same time as Royal Borough of Greenwich (which UNISON alone campaigned for), we can now celebrate no. 3!


The 3rd UNISON victory is that from December all Apprentices with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and GS+ /GSS will now get the London Living Wage of £10.55/hour.


Yet again this is an issue that we alone at Greenwich UNISON have raised and battled for and now WON!


A big welcome to our 24 new members so far this month. So why don't you talk to your friends, family and colleagues about how UNISON delivers for their members and if get them to JOIN us.


Apprentices can even join for £10 a year, that's less than an hours wages now!

UNISON to make sure you are paid when RBG requires you to get to work!


Greenwich Unison alongside fellow union Unite, have been in discussion with management over the start time of RBG staff, RBG are under the false impression that as an your employer they can ask you to start work 15 minutes before your contractual start time and not pay you!


Please see flyer below for more info.

15 min start time news letter.docx
Microsoft Word document [311.2 KB]

RBG Overtime

We think that the Council have incorrectly paid members overtime since at least 2008.


If you are in a Scale 1-6 post (not SO1 or above) and have been paid overtime at any point over the last 6 years and want Unison to follow this up you need to complete a Case Form.


You can download one using the link below.


Alternatively, you can phone the office on 020 8921 5226 and we will post one out to you.

Overtime Claim form.docx
Microsoft Word document [212.2 KB]

The Tories 'Magic Service Tree'

(and how Greenwich fall for it)


Much has been made over the last few weeks by the Tories about the 'Magic Money Tree' (the one which they shook to find £1.5bn to buy off the DUP to stay in power). However the Government believe in another Magic Tree, they think that if you cut spending, magically services will still happen.


In Local Government, spending has been cut by 40%, this has been achieved by actually cutting services, by reducing our members wages relative to prices and, more insidiously by using outsourcing to reduce the pay and conditions of our members.


A perfect example of this is the situation our members face at Home Start Greenwich who run Children's Centres for the Borough in parts of Greenwich. The contracts were given to other providers such as Home Start in 2014 because of government cuts in funding.


The existing staff were told that their terms and conditions would be protected, including their right to a Local Government Pension. Now 3 years done the line, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is cutting the funding to Home Start and magically expecting Home Start to provide more services with less money. The result is that Home Start are saying that the only way this can be done is to strip their staff of their Local Government Pension and replace it with an inferior one which costs them less and will result in a lower Pension for our members when they retire.


Prompt Action by our Branch has put a stop to this for the time being, but the time has come for our Labour controlled Borough to stop this outsourcing nonsense. They are implementing the Tories agenda by pretending that outsourcing services magically maintains services, the only way services continue is because people get paid less and have worse terms and conditions.


The end result of this nonsense is that you can't get enough staff to deliver the services, those that remain are over worked, demoralised and ultimately less efficient, not more, and as far as the whole economy is concerned there are a lot more low paid workers which means less economic activity, lower tax revenues and more cuts. 


Greenwich Unison have had enough of this nonsense and if you have too then get more involved with us campaigning for well paid staff working for the Borough providing high quality services to our local residents.

Get Trained!

Latest Unison Courses available


Advice, support and help when you need it at work

We have a network of trained local advisors and negotiators who will provide you with help at work when you need it most, as well as professional legal advisors and experts when appropriate.


Branch Officer Contact Details:


All Greenwich UNISON 7 Branch Officers have been issued with a UNISON mobile and dedicated email address that is synced to their mobile to improve contact with members.  If you are unsure who your workplace rep is, please review the list below to determine which Branch officer covers your area.  They will either deal with your issue on your behalf or refer you to a local workplace UNISON rep.  Please contact them directly, or alternatively contact the office 0208 921 5226.


See below for full details:


Simon Steptoe

Branch Secretary

07879 990318 simon@greenwichunison.org.uk


Tracey Higgins

Assistant Branch Secretary Private Sector and representation for members working for GS+ and GSS

07881 384397 tracey@greenwichunison.org.uk


Jay Lowman

Assistant Branch Secretary Royal Borough of Greenwich

07879 990269 jay@greenwichunison.org.uk


Clara Mason

Assistant Branch Secretary Schools and Colleges

07818 518934 clara@greenwichunison.org.uk


Jamie Breen

Birchmere Convenor

07881 384409 jamie@greenwichunison.org.uk


Linda Delieu

Recruitment and Retention Officer

Contact for members working in the Private Sector, such as Private Care Homes and Voluntary Sector Organisations

07824 532966  linda@greenwichunison.org.uk


Kevin Sullivan

Birchmere contact morning waste shift contact

07818 517470




Pauline Revell-Bowles

Office Administrator and ERA accredited Rep

020 8921 5226 unison@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

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Lines are open from 6am to midnight on Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday. Outside these times, you can leave an answerphone message or fill in the online form and UNISONdirect will call you back.

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