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We are waiting for the outcome of an Employment Tribunal case which will see if this issue is resolved, If it doesn't then we will still be pushing for the formula to be changed to reflect a 35 hour week.


We think that the Council have incorrectly paid members overtime since at least 2008.


If you are in a Scale 1-6 post (not SO1 or above) and have been paid overtime at any point over the last 6 years and want Unison to follow this up you need to complete a Case Form.


Following Unison's intervention on this issue, Greenwich offered to increase overtime rates and backdated the change by a year. Unison was happy to accept this as our advice was that a chalenge was risky and likely to take a long time. However other Unions did not agree, they may be right? I have had assurances that any eventual deal will apply to all staff.


You can download one using the link below.


Alternatively, you can phone the office on 020 8921 5226 and we will post you one.

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