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Branch Officers for RBG members 


Simon Steptoe (Monday-Thursday)

Branch Secretary

07879 990318 simon@greenwichunison.org.uk


Jay Lowman

Assistant Branch Secretary Royal Borough of Greenwich

07879 990269 jay@greenwichunison.org.uk


Jamie Breen

Birchmere Convenor

07881 384409 jamie@greenwichunison.org.uk


COVID 19 Return to the work place guidance and advice for members Greenwich Unison

As workplaces put plans in place to have employees return to their workplaces many of you may have questions or concerns on how this is being done.

Throughout this uncertain time the branch officers and workplace reps have been working to make sure that workplaces are adhering to the government guidance and any plans they have for employees returning to workplace is done as safe as possible.

We have had several members contact us regarding returning to the workplace and what this means for them and their families below we have set out some of the guidance available

      Current Government guidance on returning to work

Currently the Government guidance states:

All reasonable steps should be taken by employers to help people work from home. But for those who cannot work from home and whose workplace has not been told to close, our message is clear: you should go to work. Staff should speak to their employer about when their workplace will open.



RBG plans for returning to work

RBG have set up a Back to the workplace guide which sets out the plans for staff that have been asked to return and those who have continued to work throughout this period

Managers should now be meeting with their staff 1.2.1 and ensuring that a risk assessment is completed and that clear systems have been put in place to support staff back into the workplace.

Greenwich UNISON:

We have worked with the RBG to ensure that returning to the workplace is as safe as possible.

We know that many members will feel anxious about returning to the workplace. Many of you will also have other aspect to consider like family members, health conditions and travelling into the workplace via public transport. This should be raised with management during 1.2.1 meetings.

Please contact us if you are asked to return to work and no plans have been put in place for you to have a 1,2,1


 Safety in the workplace and Risk assessments 

Workplace should have plans set out on how they will operate safely – becoming a COVID SECURE workplace this would include hand sanitisation stations, one-way systems etc, Greenwich Unison would like to advise all members to adhere to the Covid 19 work place guidance , it is in place to protect you and your colleagues.

Employers have been assessing and writing up risk assessment and safe operating procedure for their workplaces to make sure that workplaces are COVID Secure. These have been shared with the Trade Unions and amended when necessary. You have the right to see these documents and they should be easily accessible to you.  For those staff who fall within the at-risk group, i.e. BAME or have a health condition, you should have individual risk assessments completed before returning to the work place.

Greenwich UNISON:

No workplace is risk free with the use of risk assessments this will help to mitigate the risk as best as possible. Risk assessments are live documents which must be updated when any changes are made in workplace/ guidance/law and reviewed on a regular basis. when looking at the document you feel that there is aspects that are missing or there is additional measure that you think could be include raise this with your manager cc in us.

Here are some links to government and UNISON guidence.




What to do if you think your work place is unsafe

When returning to the workplace you feel that aspects of the risk assessment are not been carried out or that staff are not adhering to the guidance and risk assessments raise this with your manager if this is not possible raise it with the head of service we advise that you cc in either the branch or a branch officer who covers your area.

Please do contact the branch so that we can if necessary inspect the workplace and raise your concerns at a senior level.


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